Small Group  Dates

Small-Group Play Date

$28.00 Per Child

You & Me

Tea Date

$40.00 Per Child/Adult

Best Friends

Tea Date

$38.00 Per Child

Tea Date With

A Princess

$65.00 Per Child

Doll & Me

Spa Date

$40.00 Per Child

Bibbity Bobbity Boo Play Date

$50.00 Per Child

Individual Spa Service 

The perfect opportunity to come in for special pampering and Princess attention!

Enjoy some time as a princess at The Princess Manor. By appointment, let your child's imagination run wild.  Perhaps, your little princess just wants to get a little princess sparkle.  Here at The Princess Manor we understand the importance of children feeling good about themselves inside and out. Whether it's a girl's day out or a reward due to a special accomplishment, she will absolutely love being treated like a princess.


Service Makeovers Are For Entertainment Purposes Only. Non-Licensed

By Appointment​

Appointments are necessary.  Your spa time is special and reserved especially for you.  You deserve the complete service time.  Therefore, if you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Please call us if you are running late 888-492-4415

Glitter Roots


Glitter Roots are not for the faint of heart . . .want to get in on festive hair color, glitter roots might be just the thing for you. You pick the color glitter and can mix it up before application. 








Tiara To Toe Makeover

 Sit back and let us pamper you. Wear a pink spa robe and slipper, read a girl-empowering magazine in one hand, refreshing pink lemonade to sip on in the other, while you get your fingers and toes painted with nail polish application, age-appropriate sparkle make up application including, light eyeshadow, light pink blush, light lip gloss, and a glitter up-do style.



Pamper Me Makeover

Perfect for every girl who wants to bring out the inner Princess. Relax while we treat your Princess with the royal treatment. With an age-appropriate spa mask, cucumbers for eyes. Then an age-appropriate shimmer makeup application starts with eyeshadow colors, of choice, rosy pink princes' cheeks, lipgloss, and all over shimmer powder. Glitter hair up-do.  Mani with lotion massage and nail sticker, ending with a mini Pedi with a cute foot soak and lotion massage while sipping on refreshing Princess pink lemonade.


+Add a BFF for an additional $55.00




Buccaneer Makeover

 Sit back and get gussied up. Read a pirate book in one hand, refreshing pink lemonade to sip on in the other, While you get your hair styled with color gel, a pirate temporary tattoo also including a choice of an eye patch or pirate hairy mustaches to wear home. 



Mermaid Kisses Makeover

 Sit back and let us pamper your fins. Wear a pink spa robe and slipper, read a girl-empowering magazine in one hand, refreshing pink lemonade to sip on in the other, while you get your fingers and toes painted with sparkle nail polish application, makeup mermaid scales application, also receive eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss, all-over sparkle body powder. A one-side hair braid with glitter including a seashell necklace.  As well as a glitter mermaid temporary tattoo.



Unicorn Makeover

Sit back and let us pamper your Unicorn Horn. Enjoy a Unicorn Makeover refreshing unicorn-tears magical drink in one hand, and a sweet treat in the other, Choice of either unicorn glitter roots, you pick your glitter color and mix it before application, or a unicorn mane hairstyle with color hair chalk.  Holographic nail polish and age-appropriate sparkle makeup. As well as a take-home unicorn bracelet to keep for always. 


Add a Best Friend Experience for an additional $25 will include a Unicorn BFF pull apart necklace instead of a bracelet.



Cotton Candy Makeover

Our most delicious makeover yet! Cotton Candy Princess makeover.  Includes a cotton candy scented up-do, a pink hair bow, pink glittery makeup application, body shimmer, pink nail polish and a cute pink bracelet to keep. 



Winter Makeover

 For the months of December, and January your little one can receive a Winter Wonderland makeover.  Get your fingers painted with colors of light blue and a snowflake design on one nail per hand, age-appropriate makeup application including, eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss, Two French braids and body shimmer. 




Rainbow Hair & Curls

 Hair curled and sprayed with temporary hair color in a rainbow pattern. Your little roya's hair will smell just as amazing at it will look with Scented spray and topped with glitter



It's My Birthday

Your Princess will sit back and relax on her/his special day as we pamper the little royal. Wear a pink robe and slippers and receive a Mini Mani with lotion massage, and Nail sticker & ring. Mini Pedi by soaking feet in warm popping water and lotion massage. Glitter Princess Bun with adorable tiara hair clip, light Make-up Application, Special coronation with Tiara, and Birthday Sash. 



Mini Petite Mani & Pedi Combo

Wear a pink robe while the little royal enjoys pampering of both mini mani and mini pedi. A relaxing hand and foot massage. Choice of nail color from a range of nail colors we offer.

Combo without Soak ... $30.95

Only Mini Mani .... $16.95

Only Mini Pedi ... $18.95

Only Mini Pedi without soak .... $15.95



Petite Princess

Mini Mani 

Lotion Hand Massage

1 Ring

Body Shimmer

Lip Gloss

Years old and younger



Tips Before You Arrive


  • Arrive with brushed, clean hair that is free of all styling products such as hairspray, mousse, etc. Child must be free of scalp conditions for at least 30 days prior to appointment.

  • Clean fingernails (no polish) with washed hands (for packages including nails)

  • Little Royal could bring their own brush or comb if they would like.

  • Children must be accompanied by one adult at least 18 years of age or older during the entire visit.

We know how difficult it is to find that special gift. 

Let us make it easy for you to give your special princess a gift she will truly love!

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