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Petite Spa Party

You bring us your Birthday Princess and we will provide a host of age-appropriate activities for her

and each of her closest fabulous friends.


From: $350+Tax & Gratuity
Deposit $100             
3 girls including the birthday girl
Additional girl after the 3rd girl is $45.00
MAX 6 girls



Add- On Options:

Additional Large Cheese Pie ...... Please call for pricing

Additional Party Time ..... Per 15 Minutes +$40

Add a Character .... $90/30 Min

Faux pink glittery Champagne Toast ... $4 each 

Upgrade Party Favor .... $16/each

Create Lip Gloss .... $4/each

Create Body Scrub .... $12/each

Access to Candy Station...... $165

Sweets Bar ....... $250

Candy Charcuterie & 5" Cake ....... $75

Cute Room Decor Upgrade ........ $198.00 (Change the Theme +More)

More Add-On Options


  • Exclusive use of the Princess Manor Space for 1 Hour 45 Minutes

  • Both Birthday Parents can remain indoors for the duration of the party.

    • ONLY 1 parent guest per child can remain indoors for the duration of the party

  • 2 FGMIT to assist during the entire celebration

  • Beautiful linens and decor in hues of peach, blush, and pink

  • Color coordinating paper goods

  • Music Provided by The Princess Manor

  • Wear pink robes for the duration of the spa services

  • One time wear & take home slippers

  • 1 Cheese Pizza

  • Pink Lemonade or water

  • 12 Cupcakes

  • Birthday Candle

  • Sing Happy Birthday 

  • Spa Services Included:

    • Wear Spa Robes for duration of spa services 

    • Age-appropriate makeup application

    • Wear and take home pedi slippers

    • Mini Mani

    • Mini Pedi with foot soak (Each guest guest to pick from our Spa Bar the foot soaking elements to go into the water)

    • Glittery Hairy Style

  • Spa Coloring Sheets for each guest (If time Permits)

  • Game (If time Permits))

  • Take-home gift for each guest

  • Picture taking on our throne chairs

  • Parents foyer for Birthday Parents & guest

  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee for all adults

  • Full supervision of your guest

  • Set-Up and Clean Up


More than 5 children may require more party time +$40/every 15 min

4+ Children will require an additional Party Helper aka FGMIT +$45

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