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Our Story

Once Upon A Tea Party the award-winning entertainment company you know and love is so proud and excited to bring to the community of New Windsor a new breath of air, with the ONLY Princess Party venue in the Hudson Valley, introducing The Princess Manor.  


The Princess Manor is the perfect solution for an all-in-one birthday celebration. The premier Princess Party and makeover venue for girls in the Hudson Valley area. A place where girls are treated like royalty, feel good about themselves, and develop healthy self-esteem.  A party venue equipped with all of the royal fixings combining our award-winning Storybook characters to a lavishly decorated Party venue. Giving the glamorous attention every real Princess deserves.  

  The Princess Manor is dedicated to every true Princess who ever dreamed sneakers were glass slippers and to girls who believe it’s better to twirl than walk, sing than talk and that everything goes better with sparkles. She will receive glamorous attention every real Princess deserves. You supply the dream and we’ll supply the style and magic to help you make your fairy-tale dreams come true. Fun, luxurious, professional, knowledgable, friendly, and clean. 

We’ll make your child's fairy-tale dreams come true, with a one-of-a-kind Party the Birthday girl and her friends will remember from years to come.  With our expertise in party planning along with our party packages; we make hosting a party a snap, all you have to do is bring your camera! Guest parents that stay will be offered complimentary Coffee and Tea in our parent lounge. 

 The Princess Manor is the place for you! We are the perfect solution for a quaint birthday party, play date, makeover, monthly events and so much more!  If You do not want to host in your own home or do not have the accommodations, then The Princess Manor is perfect for you.  OH- but do not worry, we will still be offering our off-site Storybook Character visits all across the land.  If you would rather host at your own home we offer Storybook character visits that will come to your home or any other party venue, with over 30+ characters. Please visit Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC for our character visit options. 

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